About Us

A Humble Beginning…You could say that I was bitten by the "business bug" at an early age.   As a youngster, my friend George and I would shag lost golf balls from Endwell Greens Golf Course. (all of us golfers know how many golf balls you can loose on this course!)  A quick run through mom's dishwasher and we were ready to sell! Weekend  sales at #16 on the course would net $20-30. Not bad for a couple of 10 year olds! Middle School brought on more business opportunity, a large captive audience in search of the latest candy craze, Bubblicious Gum and Jolly Rancher candy sticks! With a wholesale connection through Dad, I would buy the stuff by the case and sell it to eager buyers at a tidy markup. In high school I saw yet another business opportunity,  bored students in study hall. I would rent out "reading & viewing material" (use your imagination) to students by the hour (and the teacher thought these kids were studying the three R's intensely! ) Flash ahead to 1997 when I was working at Vestal Wine & Liquor while completing a Master's degree in Geography at Binghamton University. Once again, an opportunity arose, the store went up for sale. With lots of financial help from Dad, the purchase was made in the summer of 1997 and so began the journey into the abyss of wine & liquor… 

 A family Operation

The Family at Vestal Wine and LiquorToday, Vestal Wine & Liquor continues to carry on the tradition of a friendly, neighborhood store. My wife Gina has joined me on a part time basis. She brings her talent in making beautiful gift baskets and keeps me in line as only a wife can do. On any given day, you may find my “mini me” Ean shooting at you with the bottle scanner, my daughter Ashlyn dressing Barbie’s or my tween daughter Brianna cleaning shelves. My basset hound "Penelope" even makes an occasional “howling” appearance. Although we at Vestal Wine and Liquor have built a loyal clientele by creating a welcoming friendly atmosphere with a wonderful selection of everyday wines and liquors, our standing in the community has helped solidify the store as a neighborhood institution.

Our Commitment to Community

We sincerely believe that giving back to the community and our customers is the best form of advertising. You won’t find us spending money on fancy TV or newspaper ads. Instead, you will find us through custom gift baskets, gift certificates and monetary donations supporting all types of sports & student events at Vestal and other nearby schools, local churches, civic organizations and personal benefits for those who have fallen ill in our community. Over the last year, we have organized wine fundraisers events for the Humane Society (raised over 3k) Vestal OLS Chruch, Relay for Life and the  Animal Care Council (which has become their biggest fund raising event of the year!  Our goal is to support the organizations and loyal customers  who continue to support our business on a daily basis. Recent events we have supported include: