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Chi Town

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

We just completed our yearly trip to Chicago to visit my sister in law. This year, I realized that the person sitting next to me on the trip (my wife) also knows how to drive. So instead of suffering  through the entire 12 hour trip myself, my wife split the drive with me.  I actually arrived chipper with no caffeine induced hangover. Since this is a trip  for the kids to visit with their cousin, there wasn’t much time to engage in drinking, however we did sneak in a few memorable wines.
     If you are a steak lover, then eating at Harry Caray’s Legendary Steak House is a must . There are 3 of them in the Greater Chicago area, we ate at the one in Lombard, IL. They specialize in fantastic dry aged steaks.  Even my wife who boarders on vegetarianism at times thoroughly enjoyed hers. Always looking to try new wines, I picked out J.Lohrs Los Oso Merlot. I was very impressed, smooth and silky with enough grip to handle the rib eye, we both loved the wine. I am now carrying in at the store, great buy for $13.89.
      I always like to bring something form the wine cellar, this year I brought Beringer’s Private Selection 1999 Cabernet Sauvignon. You can say all you want about the great bargins in wine out there, but there is simply no substitute for a fantastic $100 bottle of Beringer California Cabernet. We had this wine with steaks and it simply blew us all away. Incredibly complex but at the same time perfectly balanced it was truly one of the great wines I have tasted, unfortunately very hard to find but totally worth it if you stumble across it.  We also sipped on some Kendall Jackson Chard and Chateau St. Jean Cabernet during the week. These  are workhorse wines for me at the store and  I haven’t had either of these wines in a long time. I enjoyed both,  they represent  great values and over-deliver for the price, good every day drinkers.  
     Finally for some quick must sees in Chi Town, check out the Science Museum and take the U-505 sub tour, simply amazing! Check out the Children’s Museum in Dekalb, kept the kids busy for the entire day, play golf at  White Pines Golf Course in Bensenville, nice 36 hole layout & reasonably priced ($50 with cart) & finally if your traveling into Chicago, take the Metra! Nice, quick clean train ride from virtually any western suburb that the kids will love!