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Road Trip

 I love when my brother and sister in-laws come to into town, I can get away with stuff that would usually lead to divorce. For example, I took my brother and sister in-law  to the Maroon 5 concert and rolled in at 4 in the morning and the only thing she asked  was if I had a good time. Going to try to get away with the strip joint next time their in town! Anyway, I was charged with providing entertainment for the entire day on Monday, so my thoughts turned immediately to a road trip to wine country.   So early Monday morning, we fired up the convertible and off we went to Cayuga Lake. First of all, you can say what you  want about NYS, but the scenery is beautiful. The only fly in the ointment is navigating  Ithaca, NY. Lets see, there is route 96, 96a, 96b, 79, 79E, 79, 89, 13a and 34 and they all converge in downtown Ithaca. As many years as I have been going up three, I still get dazed and confused. Once you find your way to route 89, the views are outstanding as the road rises along the lake shore. Our first stop of the day was Thirsty Owl Winery. I haven’t been to the winery in many years and I was amazed at the growth. They have a new beautiful tasting room and excellent food out on the deck overlooking the lake.  They have award winning wines that run the gauntlet from sweet to suprisingly good dry reds such as their Pinot Noir and Meritage. I highly recommend their Dry Riesling, Chardonnay and Diamond. We got the retailers bonus and got to taste wine out of the barrels with the wine make, really cool! Next we walked over to Cayuga Ridge Winery. Firstly, their tasting area is inside an old barn and is about as rustic and cool as it gets. Their flagships are Cranberry and Peach flavored wines, these are no brainers for summer entertaining. I was also highly impressed with their Rieslings which  just received gold medals. Beside wine, they have local cheeses and other neat gifts and souvenirs. Time flies and we only had time for one more stop, so we finished up at Sheldrake Point Winery which won Winery of the Year accolades.  Sheldrake has a beautiful tasting room of course stocked with lots of award winning wines. I highly recommend their Rieslings, luckystone White and Waterfall Chardonnay. We finished up the day with a memorable dinner out on the lawn at Sheldrake, perfect! Lesson here, you don’t to travel to Napa to experience wine country, its right here in your own backyard.

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